AVerEVC300 Video Conferencing Multipoint Systems


The “All-in-One” EVC300 is suitable for any budget, offering small to medium-size organizations the perfect full HD video conferencing solution. The 4-site, high performance MCU video conferencing system features real-time full HD 1080p video streaming and content sharing coupled with a full HD 16X PTZ camera, microphone array, sleek UI and compact system design. The EVC300’s 3-year standard warranty gives users peace of mind and the EZMeetup mobility software allow users to connect to PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, ensuring no conferences are missed.

Full HD Video & Content Sharing
Our EVC300 supports conferencing on up to 4 different sites at full HD1080p resolution. The cost-effective embedded MCU offering smooth video streaming is the ideal solution for those who want to start video conferencing today.

PTZ 16X Optical Zoom Camera
The EVC300’s impressive full HD PTZ camera with 16X optical zoom accompanied with +/-100? pan and +/-25? tilt, allows for clear close-ups of participants in large conference rooms.

One-Touch Recording
Record your video conferences - video, audio and shared content - directly to a USB flash drive, turning them into video archives that help avoid post-meeting information loss. Playback recorded meetings using your EVC300 system or on your PC or laptop using AVer’s VCPlayer software.

Easy Integration/Remote Access
Access EVC300 remotely and troubleshoot issues effortlessly in real-time using WebTool, AVer’s web-based management platform. Leverage Wake-on-LAN (WOL) to remotely power on the EVC300 via a local network, or Telnet to integrate the EVC300 with audio-visual equipment via LAN or the Internet.

Connect Anywhere & Anyplace
The EVC300 allows you to connect up to 4 sites no matter where they are. Download AVer’s mobility software EZMeetup to enjoy video conferencing on PC, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. Enjoy clear images and sound with EVC300 to ensure that those important people can join in those important conferences wherever they are

Built in SIP Server & Registrar
The EVC300 provides conferencing for up to 4 different sites and allows AVer and non-AVer systems and any SIP-based devices, app, and software to communicate. The EVC300 is the ideal solution for businesses that want smooth video streaming from a cost-effective device.

- รับประกัน 3 ปี (Main System , Camera and Microphones) Free parts and labor
- รับประกัน 1 ปี (Accessories , Cable Etc.)

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